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Two Boys And A Girl

My best friend was there when I first met the girl who would be my wife. He was witness to the whole event and is fond of saying that everyone in the room evaporated into the ether when my eyes met hers. My friend is a bit of a hopeless romantic.

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I knew she was brilliant because she had the good sense to laugh hysterically at my exceptional but oft misunderstood humor. I knew she walked to the beat of a different drum because she wore the most colorful socks I’ve ever seen on an adult; she claimed that it made her happy during long nights on call in the hospital. I knew she was cool because she could shred a mountain with her snowboard. I kind of knew, in fact, that I would marry her some day.

Ten or so years later as I watched this new scene play out I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone taking part was having the same sort of experience I did. Had two people from different corners of the earth met and made a connection? Was she giggling infectiously at nervous humor? Was one of the guys suddenly less important to the conversation and noticeably less involved?

Probably not but it’s fun to imagine. It turns out my friend is not the only hopeless romantic.

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