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My wife and I are only children so watching our two kids grow up has been particularly interesting and a little bit confusing. On the one hand I’ve never seen such animosity between individuals as these two have displayed when fighting. It’s bone-chilling really. On the other hand, I’ve never seen such love and concern shared between two people though you generally have to look very closely to identify it. The relationship is certainly intense; they scream loudly when frustrated but hug tight when the moment is right.

This past weekend we traveled again to the beach for a little camping–our favorite getaway. I took this shot on our last day and even while peering through the eyepiece knew I had nabbed one of those¬†unbelievably sweet but fleeting moments of love. I knew it would soon be replaced by rivalry so I soaked it in for as long as I could…about 45 seconds it turns out. In this photo I see a glimpse of their future–one where the rivalries of childhood are largely gone and what’s left is a deep and abiding love for each other. They’ll go on to have their own separate lives but in good times and bad, I hope they’ll always be able to reunite, hold hands and gain a little strength from each other.

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