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Dark Secret

Dear Kids,

I think it’s time we had a talk. I’m ashamed to say that I have a dark secret. I remember when I took my first steps into the darkness; I was just a boy. My boarding academy “friends” pressured and pushed me to try it, “just this once.” Oh sure, I resisted for a while but soon the peer pressure and ridicule became to great and I gave in. And just like that, I became a junkie. Since then it’s been a lifelong battle filled with late nights of shame hiding from my friends and family; I don’t even know how much of my life savings I’ve squandered on this disgusting habit. But then you two beautiful children came along; I knew at that moment I had to change. I had to do it for you guys. And so, with every bit of strength I had, I quit this scourge. I’ll never be cured but right now I’m clean. Kids, I’m your dad and I love ramen. There I said it; I hope you can still love me.

Love always,


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