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Maanlicht The Brave

A fable for my kids.

Once there was a little dragon named Maanlicht. He was different than all the other dragons. Where they liked hunting, fighting and charring, Maanlicht liked soaring, playing and exploring. The other dragons chased and hunted people but Maanlicht loved the strange little creatures with fur on the tops of their heads. When the dragons came hunting in the darkness of night, Maanlicht would fly up alone to fight them and protect the people. For many years Maanlicht lived with the people and protected them from the other dragons; he loved them very much and they loved him. But Maanlicht grew sad because he knew that he was just one dragon and the others were many.

One day he called the people together and told them that to protect them, he must leave. The people cried and pleaded with him to stay but Maanlicht told them he loved them very much and that leaving was the only way he could keep them safe. He told them that they would soon understand why he had to leave. With tears in his eyes Maanlicht raised his wings and flew into the sky. He flew and flew until he reached a great rock in the sky he had found on one of his explorations. With all his strength he breathed fire onto the great rock until it glowed white and brought light where there was once only darkness.

That night the people looked up and saw the great light shining in the sky and they knew that the dragons could never again attack in darkness. And every night thereafter when they looked up and saw light shining in the darkness they were reminded of the little dragon with a very big heart.

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