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The Force Is Strong With This One

My wife is a Jedi Master. Her ability to manipulate me with her Jedi mind tricks is notorious and frankly, a little annoying. While I have no actual memory of her forced persuasion, I’m told it goes something like this.

Me: ¬†“I’m going to buy a couple of these cool shirts with the airbrushed wolves howling at the moon okay Sweetie?”
Wife: “These aren’t the shirts you’re looking for.” [Waves hand mysteriously in front of me]
Me: “These aren’t the shirts I’m looking for.”
Wife: “Move along.”

Shameful right? Well if you think that’s bad you should see how arguments with her go. No, really, you should see how ¬†arguments with her go and when you do please tell me about them; they’re all a blur for me except for the part at the end where I wind up taking her position.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, she’s taken on an apprentice. My daughter is now her official padawan and she’s already causing a great disturbance in the force. If her current ability to befuddle me grows any more, she may wind up being stronger than her Jedi mother. What will I do then? I’m tempted to take it up what I consider to be unethical behavior with the Jedi High Council but I’m a little embarrassed by the argument I’d be forced to make:

“Um, Your Jedinesses, I’d like to file a complaint about my wife and daughter using their Jedi powers on me; it’s not fair because I’m a creature of disorganized mental faculties.”

No, I think I just have to grin stupidly and bear it. Maybe it’s not all bad; we do get a magical number of free appetizers everywhere we go.




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