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Once Round The Sun


A year ago today I was sick as a dog, bedridden and feeling quite sorry for myself. My buddy Daniel called to see if I was still breathing and we got to talking about photography. He had been exploring some photoblogs and was convinced that I should start one of my own. More than just photography though, Daniel thought a photoblog would also be a convenient vehicle for sharing some of my writing. It was probably the hypoxia but the more he talked, the more I became convinced he just might be right.

It all started with a shot of my little girl giving my wife the best, most genuine of hugs. Here she is again a year later; Being In Focus has, like her warm embrace, come full circle. A lot can happen in the time it takes us to make it once round the sun. Since publishing my first post a terrible earthquake and tsunami devastated the good people of Japan, the world watched as 33 Chilean miners were very slowly rescued, the self-immolation of a young street vendor in Tunisia sparked the incredible events of the Arab Spring, and US special forces killed Osama bin Laden at his strange hideout within Pakistan. We’ve lived though those and so many other events, some inspiring and some terrible, in the last 12 months. More than ever I’m convinced of the power of a photograph to change the world. While Being In Focus hasn’t changed the world at large, it certainly has changed my world. I’m so very grateful to my family for sanctioning the compulsions sometimes necessary to keep posting for a year, for Daniel’s gift of persuasion and for the incredible friends I’ve met in this crazy world of photoblogging. I deeply appreciate every visit, comment and word of encouragement and I’m constantly inspired by your photographs. Thank you so much; here’s hoping we all have another exciting, safe and photogenic trip once round the sun.


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