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Steps Taken

A young man once took steps that lead him away from home; they were quick, light and full of anticipation for a better, more exciting life. He stepped into undiscovered country and learned new ways to think about the world and his place in it. Countless brazen strides were missteps taken alongside “the one” who turned out to be anything but. He wasn’t so cocksure when he took his first steps into anatomy lab, histology, microbiology and pharmacology. Those steps were unsteady and felt as though someone was randomly moving the earth beneath him. Eventually he found his way into the world of pediatrics; on most days that world filled him with joy and on a very few, the deepest sorrow imaginable. One day his steps matched those of another and she indeed was “the one.” Every step since then has been a little bit easier than if he’d taken it alone. There were steps that carried a colicky baby and steps that paced a waiting room hoping for any word from a surgeon entrusted with his most precious little gift. There have been countless steps, some taken down the right path others retraced and rerouted. Some of the very best were taken this week on the very land he rushed away from so many years ago. They were slower and heavier but the crisp New Brunswick air and rugged Atlantic Coast strengthened his stride. As it turns out, the steps home are some of the best steps taken.

I hope you’ll take a few steps over to Daily Practice where you’ll find Marcie Scudder’s beautiful photography and inspiring words. She was just awarded American Photoblog of the Year! I’m so very happy for her. I’ve been spending some time with the family so I’ll be catching up with Marcie’s and everyone else’s posts in the coming days. Happy 2012!


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